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Promoting regional cooperation is a key component of

What we Do?

The Regional Grant Scheme co-funded by the European Union and the Western Balkans Fund empowers civil society and grassroots organizations that participate in regional coordination projects in many fields, including sustainable development, culture, education, and many cross-cutting issues.

The video at your right features the 30 winning projects of the first co-funded Call for Proposals, with details about the project, the lead applicant, and the partners. In this Call for Proposals, we received 207 eligible projects, from more than 750 civil society organisations and other stakeholders. 

400.000 EUR is the amount at disposal of the winning projects of the First co-funded Call for Proposals. However, the amount requested from the applicants (2.8 million Euros) surpasses the actual budget by seven times. Because of the great interest at our grants, WBF aims to increase further the overall budget and number of supported projects in the near future.


About Us

Since July 2021, the EU and WBF have joined forces in funding together for the next 30 months a Regional Grant Scheme tailor-made to benefit the civil society and grassroots organisations in the region

Latest News

From Pljevlja with awe: Empowering female leaders of tomorrow
Spearheaded by the lead-applicant, Udruženje Otvorene škole fudbala based in Sarajevo and in close cooperation with ZFK Breznica and Sportsko udženje Otvorene škole fudbala (as partners), the project united 30
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Empowering financially disabled people
Our EU Project Manager, Fjordi Bisha and Project Coordinator, Valbona Dedja, paid a monitoring visit to the Tirana Ekspres. Tirana Ekspres implemented during the summer a very successful project dealing
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Proud of a unique partnership
Today, we are immensely proud that two of our grantees, Kotorart and Artlink, started a collaboration that reaches far beyond our grants. It happened in the beautiful city of Kotor,
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