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ISSUE 6, Sept. 2023

New success stories have been written, while the 36 projects supported in the framework of the second Call for Proposals of the WBF-EU Joint Action continue according to timeline.

With the implementation phase spanning 10 months, from January to October 2023, many grantees have already wrapped up activities and finished reporting stage, while the remaining ones are preparing to successfully complete the set of activities by the end of next month.

Notably, the “Support to the promotion of Civil Society Regional Actions in the Western Balkans” project highlights the overall success of the initiative. Impressively, none of the awarded projects has encountered significant obstacles in fulfilling their activities, achieving a 100% completion rate.

This accomplishment is particularly noteworthy given the involvement of more than 127 stakeholders from six Contracting Parties working simultaneously on 36 different projects.

Furthermore, during the period covered by this quarterly newsletter, more working packages were successfully completed.

The Western Balkans Fund has been able to monitor and mentor all its projects from the 1st Call for Proposals and its currently replicating the extensive motioning coverage in the 2nd Call for Proposals of the Joint Action. Following the completion of the 1st Call for Proposals, the Fund designed and published the Annual Report of the Call (WP 4.1) in July. The report provides valuable insights into the progress and achievements of the initiative.