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Tailoring the future for Women in the WB Region

As President Kennedy once famously said: We have chosen this path not because it is easy, but exactly because it is hard!

Tailoring the future for Women in the Western Balkans, combating gender-based violence, stereotypes, and discrimination is one of the hardest things to do.

But we will persevere and take on the battle to new levels because full equality is the greatest gift we can give to our societies and our children.

Today, we applaud the OPEA Organisation, who, in cooperation with Destiny Center for Excellence and Textile Cluster Association, wrapped up an impressive empowering project with a memorable large Conference in Prishtina.

The conference featured illustrious speakers, such as:

🎙️ President Jahjaga

🎙️ H.E. Minxhozi, Ambassador of Albania to Prishtina

🎙️ Rick Heater, US Embassy

🎙️ Vlora Tuzi Nushi, Head of Office, UN Women

🎙️ Jarmo Feliks Helppikangas, EU Delegation

🎙️ Dafina Beqiri, WBF Senior Program Manager

🎙️ Fjordi Bisha, EU/WBF Joint Action Manager

“Tailoring the Future of WB Women in the Western Balkans” is a part of the 5th Call for Proposals and is co-funded by the European Union – IPA, Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance.